Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Velocipedist is vélocouture and urban cycle chic, but also waxes philosophical about the joys of piloting two-wheeled self-propelled transport through the metropolis.

La Flâneur en Vélo is the subtitle of this blog. Charles Baudelaire expanded the meaning of flâneur (French for a saunterer or loafer) to be "a person who walks the city in order to experience it", because that's how he saw himself.

I expand the meaning of la flâneur en vélo to be "a person who bikes the city in order to experience it", because that's how I see myself.

The foundations of our evolved world view can be found in the words of the Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Chap manifestos. "Style over speed," is our rallying cry and raison d'être. We encourage you to look good while saving the world.
Because we dig the calluses on the palms of our hands. Because we actually kind of like when our legs feel like Jell-O. Because we crave the brisk wind on our cheeks. Because we recall with fondness fastening Topps cards to chain stays. Because today we actually prefer the non-motor bike anyway. Because it’s the paragon of efficiency for personal transit and a perfect machine and a work of art.

There are more than 2 billion bikes in the world. Pick one up and ride it.
(The Good 100: Bikes)


You can contact the editorial board of this esteemed organization via email. And yes, we are on the Twitter.

Le Flâneur is a rakishly handsome purveyor of bipedal transport and ordained minister in the Church of the Subgenius. He can generally be found either on or about the premises. You can follow his tweets on the Twitter, as many a man would follow him into the heart of battle.

Dapper Dan has been known to muse upon style when not ambling the streets of the city making all the young girls cry. Style mavens look to Dan first when trying to make sense of the coming révolution des chapeaux.