Friday, December 18, 2009

Bontrager Wingtips

I found these stylin' kicks on Urban Velo (a very cool blog, as well as magazine, for which you should really cough up some change.).  They say it far better than I do, so I'll just re-state the obvious then send you to Urban Velo for the drill down.

These are Bontrager Wingtips, though they haven't yet made an appearance on the Bontrager site.  They're built for cycling and believe it or not, they're spd compatible.  They feature all leather uppers and a buckle to cover the laces (which you will truly appreciate it if you've ever caught laces on a fixie).  But what sets them apart from other dedicated cycling shoes is the fact that they have style.  Should they come out in black, I will most certainly sport a pair of my own.

[image via Urban Velo]

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