Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hugga Swag

Brothers from another mother and fellow Seattle-ites from Bike Hugger have stitched together some custom embroidered manpris pants (knickers) and a woolen hat for your sartorial satisfaction.

The knicks are part of George Hincapie's Commute Collection and are custom embroidered with the Bike Hugger logo. Knickers are perfect for those of us committed to losing the spandex -- plus it's the winning ticket for avant, après, and au cours de cyclisme. "Four-way gusseted cargo crotch" and other such details are on the site. $129.99 and you're walking out of the store in style.

Cap your lid with an Hugga-influenced Ibex hat before rolling on your ride and laugh aloud at the cool, autumnal air. Like all good cycling apparel, the hat is 100% merino wool. There is an embroidered logo, but it's subtle -- these dome toppers are minimalist chic. Sport one on top of your noggin to keep the bats from leaving the belfry. Dapper Dan says, "doff one at the ladies and soon you'll be riding tandem." $32.00 for refined, top-story grace.

All of this and cycle bliss can be found at Bike Hugger.

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