Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reclaimed Wool Cycling Cap

I thought I had my hat fetish under control, but then I ran into this over at Etsy. The kicker is that all of the materials used to make it are recycled -- they come from thrifted textiles. The outer fabric comes from a scarf that was liberated from a San Francisco thrift store, and the lining from a grunge-era cast-off flannel shirt rescued from another locale.

Westarland made these by hand, but only charges 28 bucks plus shipping. Either he has a sweat shop in his garage or he plays for love of the game. Either way you win. The added bonus is that there is absolutely no chance anyone else will show up wearing the same hat on your weekend club ride, and a less than zero chance of being out-styled from the neck up.

Usually I don't like to venture too far O/T, but I have to include this from Westarland's bio on Etsy because of how cool it is:
I make new items from vintage materials: bicycle hats, bags and jewellery are my current stock products. A great deal of my fabrics are 60's and 70's stock from Sweden, and hark from the famous textile company Boras Cotton. My wools are from vintage suits for men and women thrifted locally.
Praise the God of textiles -- Jesus has returned and he's making wool cycling caps out of his garage.

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